Re-purposing for Creativity and Play

“Imagination is more important that knowledge”  – Albert Einstein

We’re not Einstein, but we definitely have some ideas to share with you about fun and unusual ways to use 50 common household items, from napkin rings to potato mashers, vent covers to golf tees.

Sir Ken RobinsonEach week, we’ll be posting a few household items and some interesting ways to use them.  We hope you’ll also share what your own family comes up with when you ask the 3 questions…

#1. What else could you do with “X”
#2. What else could you use in place of “X”
#3. How could you make “X” better?

Welcome to the world of re-purposing,  where you find other uses for an item than what was originally intended. We are passionate about using it in play to help spark the imagination of your children and inspire creativity.

Because the future needs our creative kids.

But according to international speaker and author Sir Ken Robinson, that’s not the path we are laying for our children (see video below).

What do YOU think?

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